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"one day"
Nami Hirao 平尾菜美
12.8 x 18.2 cm, 126 pages, Soft cover, On-demand print
Publication date: November 2018
edition of 200

This book includes her work "one day," which deconstructs the connections of behaviors along the time axis of "1 day" in daily life. The additional book collecting the reviews and records of "one day" is also attached.
とある日常の「一日」という単位の時間軸にある行動の繋がりを解体し、言葉に起こしていく作品「one day」を本にまとめました。これまでの「one day」のレビューと記録をまとめた別冊付きの二冊組。

Nami Hirao 平尾菜美
Giving respect to a sense of awe of and faith in natural phenomenon and a distinctive Japanese sense of invisible “ma” (betweenness), she observes, records, and searches the phenomenon of things and their time course and environment, and at her exhibitions, she aims at suggesting awareness of “something” between everyday things. She explores human bodies perceiving anything, their existence, and the space surrounding them.