Self-Portrait セルフポートレート

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Patrick Tsai パトリック・ツァイ
13.1 x 21.1 cm, 300 pages, Soft cover, Offset print
Publication date: June 2022
Edition of 500
ISBN ISBN 978-4-907934-51-4

From the author:
"One afternoon, I was watching an interview with the Danish film director, Lars von Trier. He mentioned an anecdote about how he had once hidden under a table in order to avoid meeting David Lynch. Because it had English subtitles, I took screenshots and sent them to my partner, thinking she would enjoy it. When I flipped through the images, I recognized that the scene converted into stills made the story funnier. Not only that, because of the captions, I could literally see sound. For most people, that means nothing, but for a photographer, that was a revelation.
“'Self-Portrait' is a collection of stories about my past mistakes in life. It is a book but, once opened, becomes a video that must be consumed outside of its normal context. What look like screenshots are actually photographs taken on-site with a still camera; and the anecdotes presented are not remotely related to what was being said at the time of documentation. The multiple contradictions, layered upon one another, escalate the drama and comedy with the turning of each page."


Patrick Tsai パトリック・ツァイ

Japanese Translation
Tomoko Ogawa 小川知子

Editing and Proofreading
Sungeun Cho 趙星銀

Daichi Aijima 相島大地

Patrick Tsai パトリック・ツァイ
Patrick Tsai, born in America, is a photographer currently living in Japan. He is most known for his photo diary entitled "My Little Dead Dick" and his book “Modern Times” released by Nanarokusha. His work has been featured in Foam Magazine, the Hyere's Festival, Canon’s New Cosmos Competition, Palais de Tokyo, Thames and Hudson’s “Autofocus: The Self-Portrait in Contemporary Photography,” and Aperture’s “The Chinese Photobook: From 1900s to the Present.”

アメリカ出身の写真家、パトリック・ツァイは現在日本にて活動中。代表作は、フォトダイアリーの「My Little Dead Dick」と 写真集の「モダンタイムス」(ナナロク社)。作品はFoamマガジン、イエール国際フェスティバル、写真新世紀、スーザン・ブライトの"Autofocus: The Self Portrait in Contemporary Photography”(Thames and Hudson)、パレ・ド・トーキョー(Palais de Tokyo)、Apertureの“The Chinese Photobook: From 1900s to the Present” などでも取り上げられている。


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